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In addition to offering a wide range of low cost activities, Orwil Street Community House provides a venue for people with similar interests to meet. The following groups meeting at the House warmly welcome new members and new ideas. Please download our Term Program for full details on our activities. All participants are asked to become a "Friend of the House" by paying a once-yearly contribution of $5.00 (Non-refundable) the first time they attend a class or use a service at the Community House. 

Please call the house on 03 9783 5073 for any further inquires.

Please just click on the service and you will be taken to the booking and enquiry page.

Orwil Street Community House is committed to enhancing the quality of life within its local community, through learning, self help & personal growth for all ages.
     Counselling Services

Orwil Street Community House wishes to meet the needs of the community in the best possible way and our Counselling services are offered by accredited and experienced Counsellors. Cost: $40.00 for the first visit and $30.00 for all following visits. We also offer Couples Counselling - Cost: $50.00 Please call the House for bookings or more information. To read about our Counsellors just click on their name, and you will be take to a seperate page.

Sandra Garnier
Sandra Wilson
Please Note*
We do not wish people to be excluded because of financial pressure, so please, talk to our Coordinator (in complete confidence) if costs are a problem for you.
Children & Youth Activities


Orwil St Community House is committed to promoting and protecting the interests and safety of children. We have zero tolerance for child abuse. Everyone working at the Orwil St Community House is responsible for the care and protection of children and reporting information about child abuse.



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